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About a year ago Lola started fixating and chewing on her front feet. We did all kinds of diagnostics to include x-rays, and tried all kinds of treatments to include steroids, antibiotics, creams, pain medications, etc. and came to the conclusion that the behavior was a combination of discomfort (arthritis) and neurosis. We finally resorted to having her wear coverings on her feet at all times. Recently it was recommended we try your products as friends had seen successful outcomes with using Canna-Pet products with their own pets. Nothing in the past has worked for Lola but we are seeing a positive result with use of your CBD oil. Thank you so much for developing this product!

Bailey came to me in May 2015 as a result of me seeing him on social media and he was at Carson Shelter in California. I didn’t know what to expect with Bailey only that he had some medical issues and possibly cancer due to his low weight and blood work results. I knew I wanted him and wanted to spend as much time I could with him for as long as he had left on this earth. Fast forward to today, almost 19 months later. Bailey has gained a healthy weight of 55 pounds, is active and playful, and is such a sweet dog. Bailey has been using Cannapet biscuits for over a year now and I think Cannapet is partially responsible for Baileys thriving quality of life. I want to thank Frosted Faces Foundation for allowing me to foster Bailey for the rest of the time he has with me and I also want to thank Cannapet for giving Bailey what he needs to ensure he has the best quality of life possible. I know if Bailey could talk he would say how thankful he is for Cannapet for helping him feel better and allowing him to do the things he enjoys like his daily walks, his climbing adventures in my back yard, and lounging around the house or yard feeling less pain.

Health Issues: Aging, Arthritis

Amazing news for Zeus. His last eye pressure treatment for his glaucoma ( pre canna pet ) was 31 for his left eye and 50 for his right eye. Anything over 20 is considered high. After several months of consistent Canna-Pet and taking the liquid you sent we had his eyes rechecked this past Monday. His left eye was 18 and his right eye is 20!! The vet said a significant change and he looked up your company right away.

Health Issues: Glaucoma

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