Our Story

Who We Are

Our story started when our 8 year old labrador retriever mix, Snickers, was diagnosed with cancer. We were heartbroken, but knew we were going to do anything in our power to give him the best life possible with or without cancer. We started doing research (a lot of research) and were quickly overwhelmed by all of the options available. All we knew was we wanted to give our pup the best that we could – but how were we to know what products were the best?

We began asking friends, family, our vets, experts…the list goes on…about what product was the best for Snickers. We received food recommendations, medications, supplements, holistic treatment ideas… the only thing the solutions had in common was that they were all different.

We didn’t know what the best option was for Snickers, so we decided to take matters into our own hands. We began reviewing various dog foods, supplements, and treats based on their ingredients, and of course, overall benefit for Snickers. It took some time but we ended up figuring out the right diet for Snickers. We aren’t saying any of the products we tried were miracles, but Snickers did live more than a year longer than our vets had imagined. His coat was shiny, he was more active, and overall seemed happier.

Our experience with Snickers led us to create Pet Med Zones. We wanted to develop a reliable database where pet owners could easily find the best products out there for their pet’s specific needs. The idea for this site was fueled by our love for Snickers, but now we’re confident it can help others who love their pets just as much.