Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety with These Products

Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety with These Products

Canine anxiety can be caused by a variety of different sources – whether it be exposure to loud noises, separation from their owners, or more specific phobias. Seeing your furry friend struggling with extreme fear and anxiety is difficult.

Fortunately, there are products available that can help ease your dog’s anxiety when emotions are running high. After researching several treats designed to treat anxiety in dogs, the following products have proven to be most popular and effective based on taste, performance, price, and nutrition.

Canna-Pet® Organic MaxCBD Maple Bacon Biscuitscanna-pet-advanced-max-cbd-canna-biscuits-maple-bacon-1024x1024-new

Formulated entirely from natural, organic ingredients, Canna-Pet® Organic MaxCBD Maple Bacon Biscuits are equally tasty as they are effective and healthy. Great for dogs of all ages and sizes, Canna-Pet’s Maple Bacon biscuits are the perfect treat to bring while on-the-go for any stressful situations that may arise. These bite-sized biscuits are made from a mixture of organic barley flour, cured bacon, organic maple powder, organic cinnamon, and cannabinoids from hemp.

Boasting no negative side effects and raving reviews from customers, Canna-Pet’s Maple Bacon Biscuits are baked in the U.S. with the same quality and care that goes into the food that feeds your human family. Available online or from select veterinarians and retailers, each box of Canna-Pet Organic MaxCBD Maple Bacon Biscuits contains 37-40 biscuits for a cost of $35.


quiet-moments-plus-melatonin-sc-cup-70ct_nv-03695NaturVet Quiet Moments® Soft Chews

Made from natural ingredients including chamomile, passion flower, and ginger, NaturVet’s Quiet Moments Soft Chews are designed to help calm your furry friend during travel, reduce motion sickness, and ease any anxiety caused by a change in routine. NaturVet Quiet Moments Soft Chews are made for dogs over 12-weeks old who need extra help managing stress and tension.

The melatonin in this product helps promote rest and relaxation while NaturVet’s unique blend of thiamine and L-Tryptophan helps reduce tension. In addition, the ginger helps to support those dogs with sensitive stomachs. While tasty and effective, NaturVet Quiet Moment’s Soft Chews may come with some slight side effects due to some of the active ingredients, including fatigue, upset stomach, nausea, and dizziness. This product is available online and in-store in 65 count, 70 count, and 180 count packages for $10 to $25.

Isle of Dogs™ Chillout Soft & Chewy Dog Treats2205165-center-1

For those dogs who get a little bit tense during thunderstorms or start becoming visibly anxious when you are about to leave the house, Isle of Dogs’ Chillout Soft & Chewy Dog Treats are a great natural alternative to medications some vets may prescribe. Made from a mixture of barley flour, oat flour, rice flour, cane molasses, flaxseed, and other natural ingredients, Chillout Dog Treats help take the edge off and ease your furry friend in those stressful situations.

Customers are impressed with the effectiveness of these natural treats when administered in the recommended amount (2-4 biscuits per day). While some customers claim that the calming effect does not last as long as they would like and others said that they had trouble getting their pet to eat them, Isle of Dogs™ Chillout Soft & Chewy Dog Treats have become a popular calming aid amongst pet owners. This product is available online and from select retailers in 7 oz. bags for $8.99.

Bach Rescue Remedy71xdrdcpkl-_sy355_

For 80 years, Bach Flower has been creating all-natural remedies for adults, children, pregnant women, and the elderly that are designed to correct emotional imbalances where negative emotions are replaced by positive feelings. And now, they have moved into the pet space with Bach Rescue Remedy! Made from spring water infused with wild flowers, including Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, and Rock Rose, Rescue Remedy is a great alternative to medications that can sometimes make our pets feel lethargic.

Dog owners can use Bach Rescue Remedy to ease their furry friend’s anxiety during visits to the vet, before being left alone for a few hours, or as a cure for excessive barking by simply adding two drops to their drinking water or by rubbing it onto their paws or behind their ears. While Bach Rescue Remedy has shown to be more effective on some dogs than others, this product has very few side effects and is great for pickier dogs. This product is available online or in select stores in 10 and 20 mL bottles for $10 to $20.

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