Commonly Prescribed Products for Dog Cancer

Commonly Prescribed Products for Dog Cancer

Your dog has been diagnosed with cancer. This can be a difficult diagnosis, and you want to find out how to make your dog’s life more comfortable, while also holding off his cancer for as long as possible. The vet may have overwhelmed you with potential treatments and routes you can take using confusing medical terms. To help you make your decision, we have compiled a list of the most common products prescribed for dogs with cancer. 

Canna-Pet Advanced Capsules

The Canna-Pet capsules are filled with a broad spectrum of hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Dogs have receptors for these phytochemicals in their skin, brain, lungs, immune system, and many other parts of the body. Canna-Pet uses industrial hemp that is organic, non-GMO and responsibly grown without pesticides and in pristine soil. They are unique because their products offer an abundance of phytochemicals and have higher bioavailability than other CBD products.

To administer, simply open up the capsule and sprinkle the contents over your dog’s food. A vast majority of Canna-Pet users reported that using this product has inhibited tumor growth, reduced nausea, and relieved pain in their pets. For small dogs, you can buy a 30 capsule bottle for $29.99 or a 60 capsule bottle for $57.99. For large dogs, you can buy a 30 capsule bottle for $33.99 or a 60 capsule bottle for $64.99. While their Advanced Capsules are their most popular product, Canna-Pet also offers a MaxCBD liquid and flavored dog biscuits for additional relief. If you would like to buy more than one Canna-Pet product, they offer bundles to help you save money.


Life Gold Dog Cancer Support

This liquid helps manage the symptoms of canine cancer in a multitude of ways. Life Gold is packed with antioxidants from ingredients like chaga and blessed thistle herb, as well as high in vitamins coming from sheep sorrel herb. It also contains burdock root, red clover flowering herb, slippery elm bark, and Turkey rhubarb root to support liver function, digestion, and detoxification. Natural bacon flavor is added to ensure that your dog is excited to eat it. You just put your dog’s recommended dosage right on their food. The dosage is dependent on your dog’s weight, and a bottle of Life Gold can be purchased online for $35.95. For most dogs, this bottle will last a month.


L-Asparaginase, or Elspar, is an injectable anti-cancer drug and is often used as part of a more complex cancer treatment therapy. It is most commonly used to treat lymphoma but is also prescribed to dogs who have mast cell tumors or are suffering from cancer that affects their immune system. Asparaginase is an amino acid that is needed in cells to produce protein, and while healthy cells only require a little bit of it, cancerous cells need a significant amount in order to survive. L-Asparaginase works by eradicating any asparaginase outside of healthy cells. When cancer cells run out of their supply of asparaginase and cannot find any of it outside the cell, they die. While somewhat effective, L-Asparaginase has many side effects including vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, mild anemia, and elevated blood sugar levels.

Prana C-Support

Prana C-Support is an all natural herbal remedy that was created to help relieve symptoms of cancer in dogs and cats. Their blend of herbs can help reduce poor appetite, fatigue, impaired digestion, abnormal tissue growths, and general weakness. Alfalfa, Asian ginseng, Astragalus, milk thistle, and mistletoe are just some of the ingredients found in this liquid. It is recommended that you use it 2-3 times daily and you can either drop it directly into your dog’s mouth or mix it into his food. Pet owners state that giving their dog this liquid has helped boost their immune system as well as increase their appetite. A 2-ounce bottle is available online for $55.95.


Vincristine is an injectable drug that belongs to a group of medications called vinca alkaloids. This medication works by binding to the proteins of actively dividing cells and preventing them from dividing, resulting in the death of these cells. Unfortunately, other rapidly dividing cells, such as hair cells and gastrointestinal lining cells, also get affected by this drug. Use of Vincristine could result in hair loss, vomiting, nausea or diarrhea and has been shown to suppress the immune system in some animals. Weakness, collapse, or seizure are also a possible side effect, as Vincristine can affect your dog’s nervous system. Also, it is important to know that this drug has been shown to release blood clotting cells from dog’s bone marrow.

NHV ES Clear for Dogs

ES Clear is an all natural support supplement for dogs with cancer. This liquid was created to help boost your dog’s immune system and alleviate pain and discomfort associated with cancer. The formula only includes four ingredients: burdock, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, and Chinese rhubarb. These ingredients help support the detoxification of your dog’s vitals while eliminating toxins. To use this product, shake it well before placing the droplets on your dog’s food. The rule is one drop for every 2 pounds twice a day, up to 50 pounds. Keep in mind that this supplement usually takes about 2-4 weeks to take full effect on your dog.  You can purchase a 100ml bottle of this supplement for $38.95 online. One bottle is a 100 day supply for a small to medium sized dog. Pet owners like this product because they have seen an increase in their dog’s appetite as well as an increase in their dog’s energy.


Cyclophosphamide belongs to a class of drugs known as nitrogen mustard-based agents. It works by interfering with DNA and other genetic factors within rapidly growing cells, leading to cell death and is used for various types of cancers and some immune system disorders. Cyclophosphamide is generally safe for animals, however your dog may experience side effects such as nausea, loss of appetite, bladder irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes bone marrow suppression. If your dog has an active infection, do not use this drug. If your dog has liver problems or bone marrow problems, use this medication with extreme caution.


Piroxicam is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is most often prescribed to treat certain types of cancers but is occasionally prescribed to help with pain from osteoarthritis. NSAIDs work by reducing the enzyme COX-2, which causes swelling and inflammation. Unfortunately, NSAIDs often inhibit the enzyme COX-1, resulting in side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, liver problems, lethargy, high blood pressure, fever, allergic reaction, and ulceration of the digestive tract. Before going to your vet for this prescription, write down a list of medications your dog is currently taking because Piroxicam may not react well with it.

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