8 Commonly Used Dog Ear Products

8 Commonly Used Dog Ear Products

Dogs have an incredible sense of hearing; your dog is capable of hearing much higher frequencies and deeper levels of sound compared to what a human can pick up. This also makes his ears much more sensitive, so it is vital to address and prevent issues with his ear health at any stage in his life. Problems that arise with your dog’s ears could be indicative of a larger problem in his body, so making sure you are aware of his hearing and ear health is an important part of his checkup. Here are a few options of medications and supplements to ensure his steady ear health so he can maintain his sharp sense of hearing:


If you are looking for an organic yet effective treatment option that will also benefit the overall health of your dog, Canna-Pet offers whole-plant extracts in small or large capsules that provide a variety of perks. This powerful formula of the highest concentration of phytochemicals contains over two dozen different strains of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The therapeutic properties could potentially help to combat what could be the root of your dog’s ear symptoms. All you have to do is sprinkle the capsule on your dog’s food (which is virtually tasteless), or give it to him wrapped in food. You can buy Canna-Pet® capsules online for between $29.99 to $64.99. There are also other options for administering Canna-Pet, including liquid drops or tasty flavored biscuits, so you can choose what works best for your dog.


NaturVet Ear Wash

Sometimes the best preventative measures for ear problems in a dog can simply be solved with a regular cleaning. NaturVet Ear Wash is a gentle disinfecting ear wash with soothing aloe that won’t irritate your dog’s ears by chemical means. It contains tea tree oil, a strong natural microbial, as well as other agents that work to dissolve ear wax and clear any large debris that could block the ear canal. Use as often as needed by simply squeezing the bottle into the ear and massaging the base of your dog’s ear canal, removing any resulting dirt or debris with a tissue or cotton ball. A 4-ounce bottle of this wash is available online for $5.99.

Otic Pet Ear Treatment

What is unique about this product is that it is multi-functional and contains three different types of enzymes to treat bacterial, viral, and yeast infections of the ear canal. It also works as a solution to flush out your dog’s ear. It can be used for both acute and chronic inflammation; use liberally for 7 days every day for acute and 14 days every day for chronic. A smaller bottle of this solution of 1.25 ounces can be found online for $17.99.

Nutri-Vet Ear Cleansing Dog Pads

If your dog is a little bit more restless, consider ear cleansing pads instead of an ear wash or liquid formula. Disinfecting and rapidly evaporating Isopropyl alcohol gently removes a build-up of wax or debris while other ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycerin provide softness and restore the skin’s natural barrier around the ears. All in all, these may make your life easier if your furry friend refuses to sit still. A 90 count container goes for $9.99 online.

PetVitalityPro Probiotic Premium Plus

Consider a supplement as both a treatment and another preventative measure against ear infection. Probiotics, or “friendly bacteria,” work to balance the healthy bacteria in your dog’s body, including the bacteria from his ear infection. Probiotics also maintain a happy gut and immune system as an added bonus. These delectable treats are jam-packed with nutrients and serve as a nice reward to your pup as well. You get 60 treats for $19.99 online.    


As unappealing as ear mites and ticks may sound, they are actually a common problem among dogs. Luckily, they are not very difficult to treat. Eradimite is a very safe and effective option to get rid of ear mites as well as assist in ear wax removal using a small concentration of Pyrethrin, a naturally occurring insecticide. 1 ounce of this solution can be bought online for $14.99.

Safari De-Matting Comb

If you have a long-haired dog, you know how stubborn the hair behind his ears can be. It can get matted up extremely easily, and sometimes you have to resort to cutting the mats out and possibly hurting your pup because of how difficult they are to get out with a normal comb. A de-matting comb specifically made for this type of issue can help get these clumps out and prevent any buildup of dirt and odor that could lead to more severe skin irritations. Get this comb delivered to you from online for just $7.99.

Zymox Plus Advanced Dog & Cat Ear Solution

On the occasion that your dog’s ear infections are persistent and are resistant to continuous treatment, this solution is formulated with extra strength hydrocortisone to combat the problem. Strong enough to use in place of antibiotics, the drops contain enzymes that break down the shells of the infected cells while avoiding the healthy ones. It is also non-toxic and is a safe alternative to harsher treatments. A 1.25-ounce bottle is available online for $30.00.

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