8 Best Products for Dog Nausea

8 Best Products for Dog Nausea

Your dog’s nausea can be coming from a multitude of factors. Maybe he has anxiety, or maybe he was just born with tummy troubles. Either way, it is hard to see him sick and he’s continually making a mess on your carpet.

You are eager to stop his vomiting, terrible gas, and runny stools, but there is a long list of products out there that claim to help your pet. How do you pick one out? Below is a list of products that pet owners praise for helping their pup’s nausea.

Canna-Pet® Advanced Small or Large Capsules


Canna-Pet® offers an all natural, non-GMO, plant-based capsule that relieves your dog’s nausea. You simply open up the capsule and sprinkle it on your dog’s food, making the consumption process easy. Canna-Pet® delivers as many hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids as possible.

Canna-Pet® offers many different options, such as Max CBD capsules, dog biscuits, and an Advanced Max CBD liquid. Depending on the size of your dog and how many capsules you want, you can purchase Canna-Pet® capsules online for $29.99 to $64.99.


Solid Gold D-Zyme Powder Dog and Cat Supplement


Dogs love the taste of this powder, and it will help relieve smelly gas as well as vomiting and loose stools. Some pet owners give this to their dogs even if they aren’t experiencing these symptoms just to help with the digestibility of their dog’s food.

Solid Gold created this product to replace the enzymes your dog needs that are often destroyed during dog food processing. You can purchase this supplement online for as little as $25.

Cerenia Tablets


This FDA approved medication will safely and effectively treat vomiting in both cats and dogs. It is also recommended to give this to your dog before surgery to prevent any vomiting that may occur.

Cerenia works by blocking substance P, which is a chemical in the brain that triggers vomiting. Side effects of this medication include lethargy, decreased appetite, and diarrhea. The price of the tablets varies. You can buy 16mg, 24mg, 60mg or 160mg tablets, and you can find them online for $12.99-$30.99.

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Adult Dog Food


A blend of omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and other nutrients and antioxidants, Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Food is not only gentle on your dog’s stomach but also leave your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

This food isn’t limited to pets with sensitive skin or digestive issues. Many dog owners who have one dog with digestive problems and one dog without them will feed them both the food and they love it. You can purchase a 30-pound bag of this food online for $52.99, or buy a smaller bag if you want to try it first.

Animal Prime Probiotics Powder for Dogs


Pet owners love that this powder contains 12 live strains of good bacteria to balance your pet’s gut. This good bacteria supports your dog’s immune system as well as prevents diarrhea, dental disease, yeast overgrowth, and skin allergies.

Keep in mind, there will be black, pepper-like specks in the probiotics, but these are nothing to worry about. These specks are liver flavoring to make it yummy for your pup. Simply sprinkle some powder in your dog’s food or water daily. A 180 serving container of this supplement goes for $69.95 online.

Only Natural Pet Tummy Relief Liquid


What is unique about this product is it comes in a large syringe that allows you to measure your dosage before you give it to your dog. The formula contains complex B-Vitamins that help stabilize electrolytes and support good bacteria in your pet’s GI tract.

This liquid also contains probiotics to help balance micro flora levels and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Pets love the taste and are eager to eat it. You can purchase this product online or at your local PetSmart for $30.99.

Tummy Supplement by Epic Pet Health


This natural electrolyte supplement is odorless, so your pet won’t mind taking it. This product is also human grade, so you can feel confident giving it to your pet. You can purchase this product in a spray bottle or a dropper bottle.

Either use one spray or ten drops on food and water once daily and apply to your pet’s stomach area for best results. For $19.99, you can purchase a one-ounce bottle online.

Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals by King Bio Digestive Upsets Control for Dogs

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.19.10 AM

This medicine is administered by adding half a capsule to your pet’s water bowl as needed. It has a water base, making it tasteless and odor-free so your dog won’t even know he’s consuming it. These capsules will help with symptoms that are related to indigestion, such as cramping, foul gas, and bloating. This Digestive Upset Control costs $15 online.

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